What is a Tryout credit?

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Our Tryout feature is a wonderful option to try out new (to you) advisors! Tryouts allow VIP clients to earn an occasional free live reading. You’ll earn this credit gradually as you spend, in a similar process to our cashback feature.

Once you’ve earned a Tryout credit, you can apply it for a free reading that lasts up to 5 minutes with an advisor you’ve not ordered with previously. Advisor participation is voluntary. You’ll be shown which advisors are currently offering these readings when you’d like to apply your credit. This Tryout credit won’t expire, so you can use it whenever you’d like. 
When you select an advisor profile, you will see the orange icon on eligible ordering options. You can use the Tryout credit for any reading type the advisor is currently offering. 
When you select the type of live reading you'd like to receive, you'll be shown a screen similar to starting a regular live reading. Tap on "start" to start your reading! 
Once you have used your 5 minutes, you can add time to the order or end it, as with normal orders.  Please note, if you disconnect the call before the 5 minutes are up, it will still count as your free Tryout call. You cannot save the minutes or use them for more than one reading. 

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