I am unhappy with the reading I received. Can I get a refund?

Purple Garden Support
Purple Garden Support

We're sorry that you weren't happy with the reading that you received. Our policy at Purple Garden is not to provide refunds since we do not guarantee what the advisors say, the advice that they give, or the circumstances, outcomes, or predictions of the reading. 

Purple Garden is for entertainment purposes only. With the live readings, you have the option to hang up at any time. If you feel an advisor isn't connecting to your situation or you're just not enjoying your session. You can disconnect and try one of our other talented advisors. We have many unique advisors who have different gifts and skills, use different tools, and may resonate better with you.
If there are technical issues or quality issues with your order, please do contact support and let us know. 

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    My tarot reader charged me twice and was only saying positive words to keep the reading going absolutely nothing useful or true!😑


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